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Two years after launching the PFA alloy (Primary Foundry Alloy) on the market, Albras has already increased the production of the metal by almost 100%, which is mainly used by the automotive industry for the production of alloy wheels. lightweight and vehicle components. The company, located in Barcarena (PA), is the second largest national manufacturer of the alloy.

PFA was developed as a higher added value item, aimed at serving the automotive industry and developed from primary aluminum with the addition of four elements: silicon, magnesium, strontium and titanium. In 2021, Albras produced 9,098 tons of the alloy, that is, almost double the volume produced in 2020, which was 5,459 tons. For 2022, the forecast is for Albras to produce 14,000 tons.

In the last years, Albras has acquired equipment and trained specific human resources to manufacture the alloy. Among the functionalities of PFA, it can be used in the manufacture of aluminum alloy and piston wheels for automobile engines, which is a solid metal cylinder, called the “heart” of the internal combustion engine.

In the midst of record production, Albras added two new customers to the PFA portfolio, which are companies located in Brazil that produce aluminum products, mainly wheels for automobiles. The expectation is to consolidate the production and supply of PFA in 2022.

“As this product is different from the others, we made several investments in the acquisition of new equipment from Europe; new oven; qualification of local labor and the modernization of our laboratory”, says André Fornaziero, senior manager at Fundição da Albras.

According to Fornaziero, the increase in PFA sales is the result of external factors, linked to new drivers in the automotive industry, and also of the reliability of Albras' product. “In addition, we have an engaged team focused on integrating production with quality, safety and sustainability”, he emphasizes.

PFA is one of the items in Albras' current product portfolio. The company also supplies the domestic and foreign markets with liquid aluminum, special alloys, P0610, P1015, P1020 alloy aluminum ingots and bus bars.

About Albras

Albras is the largest producer of primary aluminum in Brazil and since 1985 has been supplying the domestic and foreign markets with high purity ingots. Hydro is the company's main shareholder, with 51% of the shares in this joint venture. The other shareholder is NAAC - Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co. Ltd., formed by a consortium of Japanese companies, trading companies, consumers and manufacturers of aluminum products.

The aluminum manufactured by Albras is also sold in liquid form to a customer in Barcarena, who uses it in the production of cables, ensuring the vertical integration of the metal in Pará. About 70% of Albras' production is supplied to the domestic market.

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