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Albras holds panel with communities in Barcarena

Event brought cultural presentations and exciting stories from members of social projects developed by the company

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In a night of moving testimonials and life stories full of learning, the 1st Albras and Communities Panel was held at the end of November at Cabana Clube, in the municipality of Barcarena in Pará. The objective of the event was to reinforce the relationship between Albras and the region's communities with presentations and incentives for the creation of new projects and partnerships guided by transparency and respect.

During the event, participants in Albras' social programs were able to give their testimonials about how the initiatives have made a difference in their lives. “I can say that I have a life before and after the program. I learned so many things about my product, how to maintain it, how to improve it. Today my tucupi has already been approved for export and is reaching places I had never imagined”, says Raquel Mendes, member of Tipitix and Ativa Barcarena, during a chat with Mr Zaca, also from the project and Rosemiro Rodrigues, agronomist, with mediation by José Sakai, HSE manager at Albras.

The president of Albras, João Batista, celebrated the success of the panel: “This event crowned our expectations. Our goal was to let the community know how we've been interacting with them, what our programs are and how we can do more. It was essential to bring Albras leaders, community leaders and public authorities together to interact, learn, review and evaluate new possibilities.”

During the event, part of the Albras Volunteer Committee presented performance data over the years through actions that contribute to positive social transformation for sustainable development in the territories where the company operates. From January to October 2022, 16 actions were carried out that benefited more than 2,000 people, with the support of around 168 volunteers. Among these actions are blood donation; delivery and painting of the bleachers of the multi-sport court at the Community Center of Vila do Conde; joint effort to complete the electrical installations and painting of the Vila do Conde Community Center; lectures on domestic violence; donations of hygiene products to associations in Barcarena and Abaetetuba; joint effort for weeding and clearing the soccer field of the Murucupi community; solidarity bazaar; among others. 

“Seeing workers involved with communities on a voluntary basis is fantastic, it breathes life into our life and our mission, which is to bring improvements to those who need it most. So we can only congratulate each one of those involved, that this movement grows and that more people can benefit from it”, comments Josenildo Vilhena, president of the Albras Metallurgist Union.

The 1st Albras and Communities Panel also featured a ballet performance by children from the Vila Nova community and a cultural presentation by children assisted by the Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionas (APAE) and Fazenda da Esperança. “We've been here for 37 years and we're recovering the commitment to make this meeting with the communities something permanent. We will continue working together towards an ever better Barcarena”, concludes João Batista.

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External Press Officer

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