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Largest producer of primary aluminum in Brazil, Albras, owned by Hydro and NAAC - Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co. Ltd., received for the fifth consecutive year the Gold certification of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, a tool that quantifies and manages Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The validation attests to the robustness and transparency of Albras' greenhouse gas emissions inventory, which fulfills all the prerequisites of international standards and is part of the plant's environmental management system.

“Our goal is to always work to maintain the factory's high standard of environmental performance, ensuring even more responsible and safer operations. Receiving this certification for the fifth consecutive year reinforces that we are on the right path and that our planning to operate in a sustainable manner is paying off”, comments João Batista Menezes, president of Albras.

Albras has been awarded the Gold seal since 2017, having its inventory audited annually within the standards required by Inmetro. The qualification and validation of the greenhouse gas inventory took place through an audit based on the NBR ISO 14064 Standard in June of this year. Scopes referring to emissions associated with the production process and the company's electricity consumption were evaluated.