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The Public Ministry and the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS, in Portuguese) approved the contracting of the company Fonntes Geotécnica Ltda. to carry out an audit on Safety and Stability at Alunorte's Solid Residue Deposits (DRS, in Portuguese), in Barcarena (PA). The independent audit is part of item 3.1 of the Conduct Adjustment Commitment Term (TAC, in Portuguese), signed by the Federal and State Public Prosecutors, the State Government, through SEMAS, and by the companies Hydro and Alunorte.

The audit includes a visit by technicians from the contracted company to the two Alunorte Solid Residue Deposits, verification of the functioning and collection of data and documents on the DRS's. The company has 150 working days to conduct the work and present its conclusions and results, which will be published.

When starting the process of auditing the DRSs, Alunorte and Hydro open another stage of implementation of the TAC. The companies have been fulfilling all the commitments assumed since its signing.

About TAC

The TAC was signed to deepen the understanding of the main issues and doubts of local society regarding the heavy rains that occurred in February 2018, in the municipality of Barcarena (PA), as well as to carry out audits of Alunorte's operations. Signed in September of the same year, the TAC provides for the implementation of emergency measures based on the principles of precaution and prevention, in addition to maintaining a cooperative attitude, ensuring the socio-environmental quality in the region, including the execution of evaluation actions, studies and improvements in the process. of Alunorte, among other measures.

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