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The Health and Safety area of Hydro Alunorte, an alumina refinery located in the municipality of Barcarena in Pará, has just been awarded for its work with the Viver Bem Program. The initiative won in the Private Companies category of the 12th Baldur Oscar Schubert Management of Absenteeism and Professional Rehabilitation Award.

The work “Programa Viver Bem in an alumina refinery” was presented at the 15th Absenteeism Management and Professional Rehabilitation Congress, in early December. The award is an initiative of the Brazilian Center for Industrial Safety and Health (CBSSI), which recognizes the best practices and technologies in the management of absenteeism and professional readaptation/rehabilitation, accessibility, social inclusion and promotion of health at work.

For Ellen Moraes, Health and Occupational Medicine Manager at Hydro, the program helps to further expand the understanding that health is our main asset. “Having a program to promote health and quality of life is essential for a healthy work environment, with happy and productive people. So, we are contributing to results in the company's internal environment and with the community, in addition to the differential of this being a program conducted and led by women”, she celebrates.

For five years now, Hydro Alunorte has had the Viver Bem Program, which is an initiative designed to encourage male and female employees to reconnect with their health, their potential, values and purposes through a series of assistance services that can be easily accessed by everyone at any time.

The award reflects the team's continuous effort in the face of the challenges of creating a program that meets the needs of the more than two thousand employees that the refinery currently has. “We work to bring a culture of health in an integral way, working on the pillars of physical, mental and social health. We showed that healthy and well-groomed people are capable of producing great results for themselves and the company”, concludes Ellen Moraes.

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