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Hydro Alunorte promotes safety drill in Barcarena (PA)

Preventive action is part of the Emergency Action Plan and will also be carried out with surrounding communities

Simulado - 27.10.2022.JPG

On September 30, Hydro Alunorte carried out a practical internal simulation of an emergency situation in Barcarena/PA. Approximately 600 people, including employees and outsourced workers, participated in the initiative that represented a hypothetical scenario of need for preventive evacuation.

In the simulation action, employees who were in the area of ​​the Solid Residue Deposit (DRS) were called via radio about the supposed emergency and taken to a safe place, called Meeting Point.

The activity, accompanied by representatives of the Military Police, is a practice that integrates the Emergency Action Plan (PAE) of the DRSs, which includes preventive initiatives such as training for periodic testing of emergency response actions and identification of opportunities for continuous improvement.

Also as part of the PAE, signs are being installed inside and outside the refinery, including warning signs and sirens. Soon, simulations will also be carried out with the communities, when everyone will be informed in advance through the official communication channels.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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