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About 60 residents of quilombola communities in the territories of Jambuaçu and Juquiri, in the municipality of Moju, have benefited from Hydro's Professional Training Program, in partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning (Senai, in Portuguese). The program has already benefited another 90 residents of communities close to the company's pipeline in Moju, as well as in the municipalities of Abaetetuba and Ipixuna do Pará, in Pará. The objective is to contribute to generating employment and income in the region and the training represents an opportunity to enter the job market, with certification from Senai recognized throughout the national territory.

The first phase classes in the territories of Jambuaçu and Juquiri began in October 2021 with the machine operator course (excavator and munk, respectively), forming a total of 36 students. Now, courses for doorman, security guard and administrative assistant are in progress, functions identified as priorities for the current demand of the communities. During the course, transportation and food are offered to support students.

“It is very gratifying to participate in the course, as it gave me the opportunity to work and to meet several people. It was a new experience, since, until then, I didn't know that I could operate these machines”, highlights Jaqueline Maucher, a student in the excavator operator course and a resident of the Jambuaçu territory.

The courses follow all recommended health guidelines during the pandemic. Classes have a maximum limit of 20 students and all prevention protocols are followed, such as temperature checking, mandatory use of masks, distancing between participants and availability of gel alcohol.

In 2022, EJA (Study for Youth and Adults) courses will be made available to communities in the quilombola territory for those who did not have the chance to complete elementary school and other technical courses from March onwards, with topics to be prioritized by communities .

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