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Hydro donated a boat to the Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB), at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). Equipment was also donated, such as a freezer and a refrigerator, in addition to various materials for the institute's laboratory, such as a stereomicroscope, an incubator and two pressure sensors. The vessel will allow researchers to carry out more in-depth research along the rivers of Pará and without the need for rent expenses. The donations are part of the technical and scientific cooperation agreement that the company signed with the university in 2019. Hydro renewed the ICB project, investing BRL 1.8 million, also intended for scholarships and research .

“Investing in the development of Pará is one of Hydro's pillars. Education is the best possible investment. A company like ours needs academic support, as we work to leave a legacy of knowledge allied to sustainability. The results of this project will be able to support new studies and decision-making by the public and private authorities, with the definition of environmental baselines considering the natural chemical and physical characteristics of the region. UFPA is an important partner for Hydro and for our sustainability strategy. The contributions already made by the university within our agreement are extremely important, as well as those yet to come”, says Erik Araújo, senior manager of Research & Development at Hydro.

"For our institution, this partnership is extremely important, as the acquisition of this equipment will help us in the research we carry out in the aquatic environments of the Amazon, leading to a better understanding and monitoring of our waters in various fields of knowledge", says Professor Lilian Lund. Amado, Coordinator of the Ecotoxicology Laboratory (LABECOTOX) of the Biological Sciences Institute and of the Ecotoxicology sector of the Marine Environmental Monitoring Research Laboratory (LAPMAR).

The vessel, which has a capacity for six people, is preferred by ecotoxicology and marine environmental monitoring research laboratories, but may also be used by other researchers at the university. Its use will facilitate the locomotion to the sampling points of the research carried out, helping in the transport of materials, equipment and researchers. In addition, with the purchase of the boat, it will be possible to better explore the study area of ​​the research, the estuary of the Pará River, enabling access to more distant points at a lower cost. The use of the boat also facilitates the collection of abiotic data and samples of water, sediment and organisms for analysis.

Investment in Research & Development for the innovation of its operations is part of Hydro's sustainability strategy. All projects are part of the technical and scientific cooperation agreement between Hydro and the University, started in 2019, to carry out several lines of research, which make it possible to consolidate the development of the State of Pará.

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