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Hydro Extrusion launches new railing system

Skyline hits the market offering a combination of design, versatility and sustainability for civil construction

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Hydro Extrusion has just launched its new railing system: the Skyline. The novelty represents a more sustainable and versatile solution that enhances the view in buildings with different profiles. With the use of Skyline, it is possible to combine security with a view without limits in spaces such as balconies, gardens and courts. Its minimalist layout features 90º corners and guardrails for building with beauty and protection to the architectural project. The glass thicknesses covered will be 16mm and 20mm.

The new system also stands out in terms of sustainability, as it does not require cutting material during construction, as it is ready for installation, avoiding waste. The products of the line can be installed on already finished floors and are accompanied by a complete assembly kit, which facilitates the transport and installation of the material, which does not require specialized labor.

“Aluminium by itself is already a sustainable and versatile metal. With the Skyline system, we can align these features with a robust design, which meets one of Hydro Extrusion's objectives to advance its innovation strategy, meeting the segment's expectations", says Elton Cuba, business development director at Hydro Extrusion.

The official launch of Gradil Skyline took place during a live on the company's channel, on 07/27, with the participation of the architect Giovanna Gogosz, Paulo Gentile, product development coordinator and Marielle Yokoti, responsible for the area of marketing for the Extrusion division. The event had more than 200 people in the audience and until the publication of this text it already had 597 views.

Strengthening in Civil Construction

With the launch of Skyline, Hydro Extrusion is further strengthened in the Civil Construction segment. In 2021, the company added the Gold Slim frame line to its portfolio. The product is a more competitive solution for the market and brings significant advantages such as better design and acoustics; greater passage of light; greater water tightness and weight reduction. The Gold Slim is the result of Research & Development work by Hydro Extrusion engineers, who have registered 24 patents for this line alone. This means quality assurance for the consumer who can be sure that he will purchase a 100% safe and original product.

What we do at Hydro Extrusion

Hydro Extrusion is a world leader in aluminium extrusion, with around 100 production facilities in 40 countries and employing 21,000 people. Through a unique combination of local expertise, global network and unrivaled R&D resources, we offer standard profiles to unique and on-demand profiles for the automotive, industrial and construction sectors. For the civil construction market, Hydro offers a complete portfolio for commercial and residential projects and architectural complements.  

Since 1905, Hydro has been transforming natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses, focusing on a safe and secure workplace for our 31,000 employees across more than 140 locations.

Hydro is committed to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future. The company aims to create more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways as an industry that makes a difference.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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