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Hydro Paragominas became, in 2022, the first mining company in Brazil to achieve certification in the ISO 55001 standard, becoming part of the list of the Technical Committee of ISO Members. This certification specifically assesses asset management systems and was created in 2014 based on the perception of companies and the market on the importance of mapping and controlling the risks inherent to these processes.

The ISO 55001 certification considers asset management in a comprehensive way, integrating financial, operational, maintenance, risk management activities, among others. “The standard recommends that we treat and give the same degree of importance to all assets. The certification is an acknowledgment that the business operates with governance, transparency and sustainability. It means that we comply with national and international legal requirements and regulations, in addition to demonstrating our commitment to the continuous improvement of the system”, declares José Fernando Andrade, interim industrial director of Hydro Paragominas.

The company has been preparing for this certification since 2017 with an action plan engaging all areas of operation and management. The pioneering spirit of Hydro Paragominas in obtaining certification has already been followed as an example in Brazil. In 2019, Hydro already presented this experience at the 34th Brazilian Congress of Asset Management Maintenance, being recognized by the market for the implementation of asset management according to the requirements of ISO 55001.

Commitment to sustainability
Hydro Paragominas is also certified by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which recognizes that the mine operates in accordance with first-class international standards in governance, policy and management, transparency, environment and biodiversity, social issues and labor rights, among others. requirements. ASI certification was obtained in June 2019 by Hydro Paragominas and was an important milestone that highlights the commitment and efforts to produce aluminum raw materials according to the highest industrial standards of responsibility and sustainability, and to deliver certified products to customers. and the entire aluminum value chain.

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