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Hydro Paragominas, Hydro's bauxite mine in Pará, won the “Proteção Brasil” award, given by the Protection Magazine, specialized in Occupational Health and Safety, in the Gold and North Region categories. The winning case was developed to prevent the risk of electric shocks during the soldering process. The work was among the 39 finalists for the award and was evaluated by 24 volunteer judges. The “Welder Protection System” project was recognized during the 5th Brazilian Congress on Health and Safety at Work.

Aiming to improve the work during the pipeline welding process, the Hydro Paragominas teams adopted an electronic device that maintains the voltage of the welding machine completely isolated. The technique protects the welder from the risk of electric shock, as the technology automatically detects, mitigates, blocks the machine and signals risks.

The device is also able to monitor in real time the efficiency of the machine's grounding and the presence of traces of current leakage. Upon detecting any sign of scratches, the welding machine is automatically blocked and an audible alarm is triggered to alert the welder. The objective of this initiative is to bring more security to operations in an innovative way, considering the needs of operations in the Amazon Region.

In the occupational hygiene category, the company was the bronze winner with the case Climatization of the Thickener Tunnel.

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