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More than four thousand family units in Barcarena (PA) will receive on May 28th the third and final installment referring to the conclusive stage of the temporary benefit of the food cards provided for in the Term of Commitment for Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) agreed between Hydro and Alunorte, the Federal and State Ministério Público, and the State Government, through the Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade (SEMAS), as a result of the heavy rains in February 2018.

The delivery of the cards took place from door to door, in March 2022 and, since April, it has taken place in person at Cabana Clube. Representatives of family units that have not yet withdrawn the card can go to the fixed delivery point, at Cabana Clube, until the 4th of July to withdraw the temporary benefit.

The temporary benefit was granted to 4,847 family units that presented the required documentation in 2019 and that were not covered in the previous stages. Each one will receive, in all, three installments, each in the amount equivalent to 70% of the minimum wage in force in 2022 - the last of which will be deposited on May 28.

Balance sheet will check if there will be a residual portion

If representatives of eligible family units, who did not receive their food cards in their homes, do not appear at Cabana Clube until July 4th, as agreed between the TAC signatories, the remaining value of these cards will be redistributed among the other beneficiaries with possession of the card, in an equal way. Therefore, it is essential that these representatives keep the cards until the end of July 2022, when it will be possible to know if there will be any residual portion, after the full balance of the temporary benefit.

In case of doubt, representatives of family units can contact Hydro's Canal Direto, by calling 0800 721 07 94. The service operates 24 hours a day, every day.

The completion of the third and final phase of the temporary benefit will result in the payment of more than BRL 68.6 million distributed to 20,600 family units. With this payment, Alunorte and Hydro will fully comply with one more item of the TAC and continue to execute the agreed commitments.

About TAC

The TAC was signed to deepen understanding of the main issues and doubts of local society regarding the heavy rains that occurred in February 2018, in the municipality of Barcarena (PA), as well as to carry out audits of Alunorte's operations. Signed in September of the same year, the TAC provides for the implementation of emergency measures based on the principles of precaution and prevention, in addition to maintaining a cooperative posture, ensuring the socio-environmental quality in the region, including the execution of evaluation actions, studies and improvements in the process. of Alunorte, among other measures.

The execution of the TAC commitments is monitored by a technical committee, formed by representatives of the institutions and companies that are signatories of the agreement; and a monitoring committee, which brings together, together with the signatories, representatives of civil society, the City Hall of Barcarena and the Municipal Chemical Workers Union (Sindquímicos).

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