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Hydro shares experience in the first carbon neutral event in Pará

Forest restoration, climate change and much more were topics of debate with experts at Floresta Pará 2022

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With the theme “Paths to sustainability”, the first edition of Floresta Pará was held in November in Belém with the commitment to be the first carbon neutral event in Pará, that is, CO2 emissions that could not be avoided were quantified and then neutralized through environmental compensation in the same proportion in projects that generate certified carbon credits. The event is an initiative of the Government of the State of Pará, through the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Florestal e da Biodiversidade (IDEFLOR-Bio).

Diamond sponsor of the event, Hydro was present with a booth, showing important initiatives for sustainability, such as its social projects and an immersive experience in the actions it establishes in partnership with the Brazil-Norway Biodiversity Research Consortium (BRC). In addition to the stand, Hydro presented its sustainable initiatives in the technical part of the event, sharing its experience in forest restoration. The Environment analyst at Hydro Paragominas, Mayra Barral, participated in a roundtable on forest restoration with Marcelo Arco-Verde, from Empresa Brasileira de Agropecuária (Embrapa) and Ima Célia Vieira, from Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi (MPEG).

“The topic addressed is very important at the national level and I liked that all the round tables complemented each other, bringing topics that make sense together. Something very interesting is how the debate covered issues that are also challenges for Hydro, such as the definition of indicators for our Mined Area Recovery Program (PRAD). The academy is also focused on this topic and this shows how we are in line with the latest in the sector”, explains Mayra Barral.

Hydro today has the goal of 1:1 rehabilitation, that is, for each hectare mined, this same hectare is reforested. During the chat, Mayra showed the planting methods used at the mine in Paragominas: traditional, natural regeneration and nucleation. “By participating in an event like this, we were able to publicize our goals associated with the climate and the environment and share our experience, even demystifying a little how the recovery of areas in mining takes place”, she reinforces.

More than 2,600 hectares have already been reforested in the Hydro Paragominas region since 2009. In 2021, a total of about 290 hectares were rehabilitated by the company, of which approximately 45% of the reforestation was carried out with the nucleation technique and 55% with traditional planting. The species used in the recovery of Hydro Paragominas areas are referenced in the inventory made by the company, before the extraction of the ore, with approximately 50 species adaptable to the reality of the region.

The Floresta Pará program also featured debates on climate change, the potential of the forest's bioeconomy, wood products and much more. In addition, guided tours were carried out in the Conservation Unit (UC) Parque Estadual do Utinga, in Belém. “Participating in this event reinforces Hydro's commitment to the sustainable development of the state of Pará, we always hope to be able to share knowledge and learn as well”, explains Paula Marlieri, Senior Manager of External Relations at Hydro.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer