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Hydro signs a contract with a startup from Pará for interactive technology projects in its operations in Brazil

Hiring was the result of the second edition of the Minera Startup program. The startup selected was Ludus Studio, which will develop, among other initiatives, a simulator to assess opportunities for improvement in the operation of the press filter at the Hydro Alunorte refinery

Through the second edition of Minera Startup, Hydro's relationship program with startups in Pará, Hydro selected Ludus Studio, an Interactive Technology company. The new contractor will carry out projects involving virtual reality, interactive simulations and augmented reality for Hydro's operations in Brazil. The choice for the startup took place after several meetings to understand the opportunity and define the scope of work, which are part of the program process.

One of the projects being developed by the startup is a simulator that will serve to study and evaluate processes to implement improvements in the press filter at the Hydro Alunorte refinery, located in Barcarena (PA). Through Virtual Reality glasses and Augmented Reality, the team will be able to perform simulations of various conditions to assess opportunities for improvement. The project is able to simulate conditions and duration of the process with a time accelerator and at the end, a report is generated for making strategic decisions regarding the arrangement and manipulation of the plates within the workshop. All this in a complete immersion due to virtual reality.

“It is very gratifying to be able to combine the use of innovative technology such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, built and implemented by people from the region, in processes of innovation and continuous improvement in Hydro's operations in Pará. Minera Startup plays an important role in achieving this goal, as it is through the program that we have the opportunity to discover the potential of new companies in Pará and grow together”, says Leôncio Bitar, Senior Manager of Digital Transformation, at Hydro, who completes: “The program is much more than the search for a new supplier. Through it, it is possible to foster the startup ecosystem in the North region, retaining talent and thus strengthening the local economy”.

In addition to the project for Hydro Alunorte, Ludus Studio has in view other projects – still in the initial phase – for Hydro Paragominas, the company's bauxite mine, which involve augmented reality and real-time information delivery. These projects should be carried out in a second stage with an implementation date to be defined.

Ludus Studio is an Interactive Technology company, located in Belém (PA), which works in Digital Transformation. Its focus is to expand the potential of products and services in companies from different market segments through the virtual world. The startup works with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, interactive simulations, 3D and virtual models, taking advantage of the creative potential of products and services to solve problems, validate projects and boost sales.

“The Minera Startup program has been very important because it opens many doors and contributes to the local network. By investing in innovative technologies aimed at entrepreneurship, it moves the ecosystem and increasingly demonstrates the potential of the Pará region in this technological and creative sector. May this Hydro initiative develop more technological projects to come. We grew a lot after the program. The experience with the first project being developed at the refinery was a stimulus for internal growth, both in terms of increasing the human resources involved, as well as in the acquisition of new equipment and software, the emergence of new partnerships, in addition to promoting the Ludus Studio's portfolio as a new Hydro partner company and winner of the Minera Startup", says Ítalo Freitas, CEO of Ludus Studio.

“Hydro's interest in initiatives that develop and encourage the local market as well as sustainability is remarkable. In addition to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work carried out on its premises and its visible concern for the safety of its employees; this motivated us to deliver more than expected”, adds Freitas.

About Minera Startup

Minera Startup is a collaboration between Hydro, Açaí Valley and startups, focused on solutions for the company's business and with the purpose of stimulating entrepreneurs in the State of Pará who focus on innovation, contributing to local development. In its selection process, a series of requirements are evaluated, such as having a team formed by at least two members aged 18 or over and having solutions preferably focused on Augmented Reality, Digital Office, Internet of Things (IoT) applied in the environment industry, among others.

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