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The “Todos pelo Trabalho” program has already benefited more than 250 people from Barcarena with the offer of training and professional qualification. Training is one of the Program's actions, which is supported by Hydro Alunorte and Albras, in partnership with the City of Barcarena, organized civil society and the private sector. Other topics addressed by the program are access to work, alternatives for generating work and income and social articulation for the development of actions in a cooperative and participatory manner.

The program emerged from a diagnosis carried out in 2018 in search of understanding local capacities and mapping of initiatives that would help the municipality to have a more sustainable economy, assisting in the professional replacement of the unemployed and in the search for new occupations.

Since its inception, the initiative has gathered more than 60 partners and offered around 28 courses and 517 vacancies, training 253 people, in addition to bringing together the National Employment System (SINE) in Barcarena.

Among the actions are the holding of the event “Partiu! Youth, Culture and Work”, with the participation of more than 120 people and a focus on engaging young people in dialogue about access to the formal market and opportunities to generate work and income; and the promotion of three editions of the workshop “Profile of vacancies and professionals in the Barcarena job market”, which brought together representatives from all social segments involved in the theme: companies, workers union, City Hall, educational institutions, community associations and ONGs (in portuguese).

One of the participants in the program is Marília Sacramento, 20, who took behavioral courses promoted in partnership with Rede Microlins and soon after got a job at the company itself, as a commercial consultant. For her, “this type of incentive for young people to improve their chances in the job market is essential, especially in Barcarena”.

Currently, she is an entrepreneur and works with relationship marketing. “The program encouraged me a lot to pursue my goals and soon I will be studying Psychology in Belém”, highlights Marília. She was born in the municipality of Igarapé-Miri and has lived in Barcarena for five years.

Hellen da Costa, 20, has always had her family's encouragement to study. “A few years ago, I was trying to get into college through ENEM (in portuguese) and I didn't get the necessary average. That's when this opportunity arose to take an industrial electrical course through the “Todos pelo Trabalho” program. This area has always interested me a lot and it was with this course that I improved some knowledge and managed to get into the business school to, in the future, help my parents in our refrigeration company”, says Hellen.

Expansion – In 2022, the program started the Work Orientation Training Trail. The Trail comprises a 22-hour training course and aims to offer important knowledge and experiences for young people and adults. Several training courses are offered directly in the communities, among them, young people in action, development and computational thinking with robotics, personal marketing, digital literacy, public speaking, strategic planning.

The initiative has some implementing partners, such as SENAC, Microlins, Hidrovias, SEMUTE – Municipal Secretary of Work and Employment, SEMAS – Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance, GSA Educational Consultancy, in addition to the mobilization made with the support of community leaders and local entities.

At the beginning of May, the ceremony for the delivery of certificates for the first group of the Trail was held, benefiting 15 people, between 15 and 34 years old, from the São Sebastião community. The Network has also developed actions to maximize the use of local labor. To this end, it promotes meetings with companies to get to know the profile of the vacancies offered; assesses the need and promotes social training and professional qualification courses in line with the vacancies offered; and promotes an active search for professionals with the support of community leaders who publicize vacancies, encourage the registration and updating of the workers' curriculum with the SINE, as well as encourage participation in the training offered. SENAI offers a range of more than 20 professional qualification courses and is willing to align with the Network in meeting local demands.

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