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With the proposal to reinforce the importance of recycling and sustainable habits, the free children's play 'Reciclar é uma Festa' (Recycling is a Party) arrived in Pará. The objective was to discuss with children, teenagers and adults the situation of dumps and landfills in the country, in addition to thinking about improvement measures for the preservation of the environment.

Sponsored by Albras, the free show featured 14 performances at two philanthropic entities in Abaetetuba and four municipal schools in Barcarena, Pará, between November 9th and 18th.

The plot presents a distant village, where two brothers lived with their grandmother. The place exuded harmony and happiness, animals lived freely, nature was exuberant and the air was pure. Everything was going well until Mr. Besteirinha – a terrible creature, whose greatest pleasure was to sow bad habits, like throwing garbage out of place. With everything out of control, the brothers must unite to get rid of the less than distinguished guest. And from grandma Rosa's teachings, a true message of love for the planet emerges to restore peace to the village.

With engaging music, composed especially for the scenic setting, ‘Reciclar é uma Festa’ is made possible by the Culture Incentive Law and carried out by the Ministry of Tourism via the Special Secretariat of Culture, with production by Incentivar.

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