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The Território do Saber Program, an initiative by Hydro in partnership with the Municipal Department of Education (Semec) of Paragominas and carried out by the company Evoluir, is now open for new literacy classes for young people aged 15 and over, adults and seniors. Enrollment, as well as the entire course and the didactic material distributed, is free and can be done in several municipal schools until August 5th. Classes start on August 17, in person, at night, from Monday to Thursday, and end in december of this year.

To register, interested parties must go to one of the schools that have an agreement for the course, with personal documents and proof of residence. It is necessary to be over 15 years old, not literate and not have a link with the municipal education network. Six classes will be opened, with a maximum of 25 students each. Residents of regions close to Paragominas can also participate, just go to one of the qualified schools.

Classes will take place at Sônia Terzella schools, which serve students from Promise 1, 2 and 3 districts; Hilda Sá, from the Nagibão 1 and 2 neighborhoods; Reginaldo Sousa Lima, from the Camboatã, Jardim Bela Vista, Jardim Atlântico and Laércio Cabelino neighborhoods; Amador Perez, from the neighborhoods of Morada do Sol, Morada do Vento and Morada Verde; João Maria Fernandes School (former Peace Association), which serves students from the Nova Conquista and Jaderlândia neighborhoods and Santo Antônio School, from the Km 12 and Pandolfe neighborhoods. After completing the literacy process, participants will be able to continue their studies by joining the municipal school system.

“Hydro recognizes the importance of the partnership with the municipality of Paragominas and of education as an essential component for the economic and social development of the region. By encouraging the qualification of education professionals, the company contributes to the formation of a generation of children, young people and adults who are more capable and qualified for the future”, explains Rachel Starling, general Manager of socio-environmental programs at Hydro.

About the program

Since 2019, Território do Saber Program has contributed to improving the quality of public education in Paragominas, through the qualification of teachers, pedagogical monitoring of schools, support for the management of the teaching and literacy network for young people and adults.

In 2020 and 2021, the project offered free improvement and specialization courses to professionals in the municipality's education network to expand didactic-pedagogical skills and abilities, with innovative teaching and learning methodologies in Portuguese and Mathematics, plus other topics aligned with the new National Curricular Common Base (BNCC), such as Early Childhood Education, Comprehensive Education, Special Education and Leadership Training. More than 500 professionals, including teachers, coordinators, directors, technicians and leaders from urban, rural, indigenous and Semec schools, participated in the courses, seminars and workshops promoted by the program.

In addition to events and training, the program left another important legacy in 2021: the collective construction of the Youth, Adult and Elderly Literacy (AJAI) curriculum, with a curriculum proposal built by consultants, Semec technicians, literacy teachers and student representatives.

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