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The Hydro Sustainability Fund (FSH), in partnership with the Platform Partners for the Amazon (PPA) and the United States Agency for Development (USAID), through the support of the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS, in portuguese), open from June 6th, new registrations for structuring projects of Sustainable Connections ​​– Platform for Calling FSH projects for the development of Barcarena. In the first phase of registration, community-based projects to be carried out in the municipality were contemplated. The objective of the new Call is to promote the socio-technological transition for the sustainable development of Barcarena, understood as the structural changes necessary for a community in the municipality to know, use and incorporate new technologies into its sociais, economic and productive relationships, so that less impacts to the environment are generated.

Interested parties can register their projects from June 6th to July 8th, 2022, through the IBS website The total investment of partner institutions will be R$ 2,250,000. The intention is to promote connections between different sectors of society so that they carry out concrete actions of social impact in the municipality in three main axes: socio-biodiversity, sanitation and inclusive infrastructure and fostering innovation. The investment value in each axis is R$750,000 and the maximum value per project is R$375,000. The execution time of the projects is a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 24 months.

Entities with a structured legal entity, such as OSC, Foundations, MEIS and Limited Partnerships, with projects operating in Barcarena, may apply. The Platform aims to encourage the adhesion and application of projects by universities, educational centers, startups, organizations and foundations that will be able to articulate with local community-based organizations for the development and execution of projects.

For interested institutions, there is support for the elaboration of projects with the offer of an online workshop, on June 14, at 2 pm. Until the end of the process, interested parties will still be able to count on support from the Initiative, including to use the internet and computers to register.

Public Notice 01 – In 2019, there was a public notice to call for projects promoted by the FSH, which selected eight initiatives, whose projects started execution in 2021. The participants applied for the financing of their projects from three lines of investment: work promotion, employment and income and environment; institutional strengthening of associations and social organizations and sporting or cultural events. The first public notice guaranteed a total investment of R$ 730 thousand, benefiting approximately 300 families.

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