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Last Thursday, the 7th, in Barcarena, the Hydro Sustainability Fund (FSH) brought together partners to present the results of the projects implemented as a result of its funding. In addition, the meeting promoted interaction between project execution partners, FSH and IBS (Iniciativa Barcarena Sustentável, in portuguese), and collective reflection on the results achieved during 2021. It also collected and recorded information about the execution experience of projects to support the improvement of the results monitoring process.

Among the partners present were members of the local communities; the City Hall of Barcarena, represented by the secretaries Edson Anilo, of Agriculture, and Francinea Dias, of Social Assistance; and Hydro's executive and executive members. Throughout the day, 10 social projects developed in Barcarena were presented.

For Eduardo Figueiredo, executive director of FSH, “this moment is essential for our partners to get to know more closely the reality of the communities and how much support has changed the lives of many, contributing to the territorial development of these communities here in Barcarena. It was an excellent learning opportunity.”

Among the projects presented were the eight initiatives approved in the Public Notice of Projects, Travessia Barcarena and Tipitix – Community Agrifood Entrepreneurship. For Rosa Maria Silva, representative of the Digitando a Cidadania project, “through this support we learned that, through a network of partnerships, we were able to bring theoretical and practical knowledge about basic computing to about 360 students, from 10 years old, allowing both personal and professional development for access to the labor market”. The project will be completed in June this year.

With actions aimed at developing Social Organizations in the Barcarena region, the project Strengthening Social Organizations in Barcarena carried out training and customized consultancy for leaders of Social Organizations based in the municipality and surroundings. “The online format was challenging due to the distance from the participating organizations, difficulties in connecting to the internet and difficulties in accessing the online tools used during the training. But with the support of the Fund and the ONG Parceiros Voluntários, we trained 20 organizations”, highlights Larissa Sicchierolli, representative of the project.

Socialization through music - Music Therapy

The effective integration of people with multiple and intellectual disabilities, together with their natural coexistence with society, has several aspects. The cultural aspect is undoubtedly the most emblematic for achieving this goal. In partnership with APAE (Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional) of Barcarena, the music therapy project ensured the development of those assisted, providing inclusion to social life. “We work a lot with our students on issues such as the development of self-esteem, the "I am capable", new skills, making the student participatory and socially included", evaluates Elton Assis, professor of the project.

About the Hydro Sustainability Fund

The Hydro Sustainability Fund (FSH) is a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable development and support community-based projects with participatory dynamics. Established in 2019, the FSH was born from a joint commitment by the companies Hydro, Albras and Alunorte to invest 100 million reais to leverage initiatives and actions that contribute to the sustainable development of the municipality of Barcarena (PA), over a period of 10 years. Investments in the Barcarena territory are the starting point of FSH's trajectory.

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