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Trainees selected for the “Live your Talent 2022” program are received at Hydro

Of the more than 7,000 registered entries, 34 candidates were selected. This year's edition of the program focused on hiring people who identify with the female gender.


In search of more diversity in the workforce, at the beginning of this year Hydro launched the trainee program “Live your Talent 2022” focused on hiring people who identify with the female gender. This was the company's first affirmative selection process in Brazil. More than 7,000 applications were received. Of these, 34 candidates were selected and underwent an immersion period at Hydro, between the 18th and 20th of May, to learn about the entire structure and operation of the company's units in Brazil.

In this initial process, they received information from the units in which they will work and met some of the company's leaders. The 34 trainees will work at the plants of the Alunorte refinery, in Barcarena (PA), at Hydro Paragominas (PA), at the Hydro office in Belém (PA) and at Hydro Extrusão, in Itu (SP), Utinga (SP) and Tubarão (SC), with activities starting on May 23, in the most diverse areas, including management engineering, deployment, governance, digital transformation, supplies, human resources, energy, geotechnics, beneficiation and environmental operations.


“I always wanted to have this experience in a large multinational company, with consolidated professional development programs, such as Hydro. I was very happy when I received the result, for the opportunity and I hope to learn and contribute a lot during this period. I'm really looking forward to the start of the program. My biggest expectation is to be able to learn a lot from the people in the area and contribute to generating a positive impact for the company, and who knows, help me to follow a career path within the company”, says Ana Carolina Nascimento, 23 years old, graduated in International Relations.

Hydro, through the Trainee program, reinforces its commitment to diversity in the organization, including in leadership positions. “Hydro encourages inclusion in all its areas, guided by the values ​​of courage, care and collaboration, and in line with the guidelines of our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging program. The company therefore intends to increase the insertion of female people, both in the operational and corporate areas, contributing to greater equity in the company and in society”, says Nelia Lapa, Director of Communications & Human Resources at Hydro.

The selected candidates went through a rigorous selection process, with language, behavior and dynamic tests, in addition to the inverted interview (an innovative step within the selection process, which enabled the candidates to have a better understanding of the challenges they would be placed in). Lasting two years and focused on professional development, the program will offer the tools for immersion of trainees in their area of ​​expertise; mentoring with a skills development plan: leadership, organization, behavior, technical.

Diversity and inclusion

The affirmative edition trainee program is aligned with Hydro's Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging program. With the belief that a company needs to promote actions of inclusion, globally, Hydro aims to increase the representation of female employees to 25% by 2025. In Hydro's selection processes, all opportunities are open to people with disabilities and rehabilitated by the INSS The program also seeks to transform the company's culture by integrating people with disabilities (PCD), of different races, ethnicities and LGBTQIA+.

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