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On Belém's birthday, January 12, Hydro participated in the inauguration of the “Usina da Paz” in the Guamá neighborhood, a project integrated into the Territories for Peace Program (TerPaz). In October and December, the company had already delivered units in the Jurunas/ Condor and Terra Firme neighborhoods. This is the third unit built through the partnership. The construction of the unit was financed by Hydro and carried out by companies headquartered in the state. In Pará, it is the ninth plant, and in Belém, the fifth.

As in the other units, more than 70 intersectoral services are offered by state secretariats and partner agencies, such as medical, dental and psychological care, legal advice, issuance of documents, leadership training, sports activities, training and professional courses. All services are free.

“With this delivery, we close this partnership cycle, which included three units in the capital, and we reaffirm Hydro's commitment to supporting the improvement of the quality of life of the communities of Pará. This project has been shown to be an example of public policy and citizenship. We are extremely pleased to be contributing to the transformation and social inclusion of residents of the Metropolitan Region of Belém and other regions of the state”, emphasizes Anderson Baranov, Senior Vice President of External Relations for Hydro in South America.

Structure - The three units built by Hydro, in partnership with the Government of Pará, have the capacity to receive more than 4,000 people per day and have multi-sports courts, sand courts, multicultural spaces, semi-Olympic swimming pools, playgrounds, audiovisual and digital inclusion. There are also spaces for free courses and dance, music, robotics, martial arts, musicalization and library. The facilities are adapted for access by people with disabilities (PcDs).

UsiPaz Guamá is located at Avenida Bernardo Sayão, 4783, between São Lázaro and Rui Barbosa.

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