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The Government of Pará and Alunorte are developing urban infrastructure projects. The projects will be donated to the Government of Pará, which will assume future responsibilities related to the management and use of these assets. The State Government is responsible for indicating which investments are being carried out by Hydro Alunorte.

In January 2020,  Alunorte and the Government of Pará signed an amendment to the Term, including  the implementation of a Waste Sorting Facilities in Barcarena.  The project is one of the pillars of the Sustentar program carried out by Hydro Alunorte, Albras and City Hall of Barcarena since 2018, and will contribute to the management of solid waste in the municipality of Barcarena. 

Obras Escola de Trabalho e Produção - aéreo.jpg

Air photo of the Barcarena’s School of Tech School still under construction.

In harmony with the CA and in addition to its social purpose, in August 2020, Alunorte and the Government of Pará signed an amendment to the Agreement including the reform of the School of Work and Production - ETPP in Barcarena among the CA's initiatives. The school is expected to be completed by June 2022. 

Projeto Escola de Trabalho e Produção - hall.jpg

This agreement adds to the already announced commitment of R$100 million in investments in the local community through the Hydro Sustainability Fund and in agreement with the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS).