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Elena Lychna with an aluminium profile

Meet Elena: process technology trainee in Nenzing

Elena Lychna has been working as a trainee in process technology since May 2021. She tells us more about her work and what her advice is, especially for women who want to pursue a tech-oriented career path.

The way into the world of aluminum

From an early age, Elena was interested in scientific subjects, especially chemistry, and was tech-savvy. After school, the native Greek decided to study an unusual and courageous course: Metallology and Mining at the National Technical University in Athens. After her studies, Elena applied to Hydro in Nenzing and was able to continue her career as a trainee in process technology.

As a trainee in process technology, no day is the same

The work is very varied. "There is rarely a normal working day," says Elena. In this area, the extrusion processes are examined from the raw material to the finished aluminum profile, including all process parameters. For example, problems in the extrusion process are analyzed and measures for continuous improvement of the processes are derived.

"I really enjoy my work and I'm happy that I'm actively helping to improve the processes and thus help the company to move forward."

Get out of the comfort zone

Both during her studies and in her current job, Elena mainly works with male colleagues. There are no challenges here. She feels respected and valued in her department.

Trainee Elena Lychna in Nenzing “Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done here so that women in technical professions have the same opportunities. That currently depends on the industry. It's not always as easy to get accepted as it is with Hydro. Despite the constant modernization, men are often still preferred, although in my job it has no influence on the job,” tells Elena. Nevertheless, she positively notices that the proportion of women is constantly growing and that the acceptance of women in technical professions is also increasing.


"It's nice to see that more and more women are leaving their comfort zone and choosing the field that interests them - regardless of how male-dominated the industry is."

For the future, Elena wishes that more women seize these opportunities and thereby encourage more young people to realize their dreams. In addition, women should also shake off their prejudices against their male colleagues and break down stereotypes.

“Dare to realize yourselves. Even if it seems unusual, we can do whatever we want. Believe in your abilities.”

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