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With a total of twelve presses in the DACH market area, Hydro covers a comprehensive range of options. From the smallest precision profiles on the 6-inch press to large profiles on the 12-inch press, we can press your individual aluminum profile in one of our DACH plants. For requirements of a different dimension, we work closely with Hydro extrusion plants worldwide.

Our expert knowledge & knowledge sharing

Our expertise in aluminium as a material is our strength. Industry and product-specific solutions are tested and continuously developed by our specialists for your tailor-made product. With plant tours, workshops and profile academies, we pass on our knowledge about aluminium, construction and sustainability, among other things. Discover our services and resources.

Innovation tools

With our expertise, we support our customers right from the development phase. We even take on the challenge of highly complex profiles with demanding further processing and offer our customers the opportunity to further develop the profile to perfection using so-called innovation tools.

Locally and globally connected

In constant communication with our global network, we work with you to develop the ideal solution for your requirements. This means that our teams in the DACH plants are always there for you personally as your regional and reliable partners.

The right interface for your profile

In the DACH region, we have our own anodizing and blasting systems. Here, long and short parts can be refined with a surface tailored to your wishes. Together with our partners, you have numerous other surface treatment options available, such as painting or powder coating, and we have specialists for almost every process.

Fabrication from a single source

The Hydro plants in DACH can rely on both their own and external fabrication centers. This means you have numerous options for fabrication. Here you will find some examples: cutting, bending, welding, CNC machining, friction stir welding or punching.

Reliable and flexible logistics solutions

High flexibility as well as reliable delivery times and deliveries are our promise for your needs. We adapt and deliver Just In Time - we show responsiveness when something changes in your process. Rely on our quality and reliability for stable logistics.

Full-service provider

As a one-stop shop, we offer our customers a comprehensive service package that is tailored to their individual needs. Our many years of expertise in extrusion and processing enable us to produce high-quality profiles for a variety of applications.

In addition to developing the appropriate profile design through the production of aluminium profiles, we offer additional services such as fabrication, surface treatment and assembly in order to provide our customers with a holistic offer.

When it comes to packaging and logistics, we always take the specific requirements of our customers into account and optimize the delivery processes to ensure that their projects run smoothly.

More sustainable solutions for you

Verified and transparent data is essential for us and enables our customers to consciously choose more sustainable products. There are third-party verified life cycle analyzes for our plants*, which underline that our aluminium solutions are among the more sustainable products on the market. We are also continually working to develop more sustainable products and offerings that both meet your needs and minimize environmental impact. Our factories are also increasingly relying on electrification and renewable energies to reduce our ecological footprint.

*The implementation will take place shortly for our Lüdenscheid plant.

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