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A positive CO2 balance

What are aluminum rolled products good for in climate protection? The rolling division of the Norwegian group Hydro has for the first time calculated how many emissions of carbon dioxide our aluminum rolling products cause on the one hand and help to avoid on the other. The bottom line is a net saving of 1.3 million tons of CO2.

“What is new is our comprehensive approach to offset measurable, proven advantages of using aluminum with the emissions that result from the production and processing of the aluminum right up to our finished rolled product. We didn't want to stop describing good examples, we just added them up and put them on the scale. Here we throw the first, important highlights with data on key market segments such as mobility, construction and packaging, ”says CEO Oliver Bell, who is responsible for Rolled Products.

On the one hand our environmental impact: all carbon dioxide & nbsp; and equivalent greenhouse gases that rise into the atmosphere when you mine bauxite, refine it to aluminum oxide, reduce it to primary aluminum, pour it into rolled ingots, then keep rolling, including annealing and packaging. On the other hand, our environmental benefit: the emissions of CO2 that we help to avoid - because our aluminum rolled products are so light, so pure, so strong and much more good and because they can be recycled, always new.

All numbers and dates were checked independently. The balance is positive. The bottom line is a net saving of 1.3 million tons of CO2. "This is our climate performance", & nbsp; says Oliver Bell.

How we calculated

CO2 means & nbsp; CO2 equivalents, i.e. also other gases that are relevant for the climate. The basis was the volume of rolled aluminum products that Hydro produced in 2009 and delivered to certain market segments. We obtained the specific effects, i.e. the amount of emissions and the CO2 savings per ton, from recognized studies and industry statistics.

While we have been able to calculate and include the effort for our entire production, there are no recognized studies on the specific climate benefits for many applications of our tapes and foils. So our balance sheet is incomplete - but already positive.

The Vienna-based company Denkstatt, recognized capacity for sustainability reports and calculations, was commissioned by Hydro to critically examine our figures. The principles of ISO standards 14.040 and 14.044 applied. The result: Denkstatt evaluates the system boundaries of the hydro calculations as appropriate, the data as plausible, the calculations as "reproducible" and the results as appropriate, both in their interpretation and presentation.

With the calculations, we underscore that we rightly deserve our acceptance in society - because we ultimately use people and the environment responsibly, today and in the long term, "says Hydro board member Bell. & nbsp; Considered essential Bell, to firmly anchor knowledge of climate benefits, starting with all of our own employees and in industry. "We are also involved beyond the industry in the" Metals per Climate "climate initiative and in many other associations, forums and networks," says the Hydro Board of Directors. & Nbsp;

The long-term goal is clear to him: a comprehensive climate balance sheet that shows how much aluminum and hydro serve the climate and society - through infinitely repeatable recycling and through concrete emission reductions, thanks to the specific functional advantages that aluminum offers . & nbsp;

Read Examples of how aluminum rolled products from Hydro help to save CO2 .

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