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Aluminum scrap artwork in Bonn: dismantled for recycling

The great work show of the artist Heinz Mack in the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn has ended - the Hydro from Grevenbroich also for 11 tons of aluminum foil scrap.

With the scrap packages, Hydro had enabled the internationally renowned artist from Mönchengladbach to install his imposing “silver light wall” in March. "To our great joy, 25,450 visitors saw the spectacular, imaginative and poetic" light magic "by Heinz Mack from March to July," says Henriette Pleiger, exhibition manager of the Bundeskunsthalle.

Yesterday the aluminum wall in the atrium of the Kunsthalle was dismantled. At the carnival, it had taken two days to pile up. Hard-working hands now stacked the up to 18 kilogram packages of pressed film scraps in Bonn on pallets within a few hours.

Today, the packages landed again in the waste materials hall of the Grevenbroich rolling mill and will soon be recycled in the large melting furnace of the Hydro Rheinwerk in Neuss to be used again the next time: as a protective film for juices, chocolate, yoghurt or tablets.

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