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Donate to Jonah and shooting stars

Hydro supports the work of both the Jona hospice movement and the shooting star association for disabled children in the Grevenbroich area with 5,000 euros each.

"Instead of giving customers gifts, we prefer to donate something to institutions that serve the common good here in Grevenbroich," says Dr. Stefan Kästner, Plant Manager & Rolled Products Grevenbroich. This time the choice fell on the association shooting stars for disabled children and the hospice movement Jona in the region Grevenbroich.

The 1st chairwoman, Monika Ruge, thanked the company together with the Jona coordinators Marion Berthold and Elisabeth Willing for this support. "The first, greatest gift to us is that mourners and dying people entrust us with their suffering, their fear, so that we can accompany and support them - so that people feel protected even in death," said Marion Berthold. Jonah accompanies the seriously ill and dying in their home environment, helps relatives of dying people and accompanies people in their grief - with individual, shared and open offers.

Jona recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. The association has 34 trained, volunteer helpers who are always trained. A new course is starting these days for 14 more helpers. "It is nice for us that we have now really arrived in the Grevenbroich community," said Monika Ruge, referring to the great response to the anniversary - and the support from Hydro.

"Falling stars" for special children's moments

Actions by "shooting stars" lead children to intensive encounters with animals in the Krefeld zoo. “These are great experiences, especially in the lives of severely disabled children, far away from their everyday life. For further projects, we need further support, as is now the case with the Hydro, ”said Charlotte Häke. For the association shooting stars for disabled children, the 1st chairwoman and Grevenbroich handicapped representative Charlotte Häke & nbsp; are pleased to receive the check from plant manager & nbsp; Kästner. "We think it's wonderful that with your extraordinary commitment you have been giving many disabled children from the region very special moments for five years now," Kästner praised.

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