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Grevenbroich location certified according to "berufundfamilie"

The hydro site in Grevenbroich successfully completed an audit, which put the company's options for reconciling work and family life to the test, and recently received a new certificate as the first hydro site. It now entitles the holder to carry the “berufundfamilie” seal.

Balancing family and work is one of the main challenges that companies have to face in a constantly changing society in order to be successful in the long term.

"Like Hydro as a group, we in Grevenbroich also recognized that the living conditions and attitudes of our employees are subject to change and that the compatibility of work and family is becoming increasingly important for many in terms of company choice and job satisfaction," says HR Manager Cordula Dressler.

The certificate is the quality certificate for a family-conscious personnel policy. It documents a "sustainable commitment to reconciling work and family life". External auditors regularly check which activities the location is taking & nbsp;

The way there was and is not without effort. The HR department first analyzed the current status at the location. Subsequently, as part of a strategy workshop, a target agreement was developed together with the plant management and with the involvement of the works council, which defines the goals that the Grevenbroich location has set for itself in terms of reconciling work and family life for the next three years.

The resulting planning of measures, which should in particular also meet the needs of our employees, was developed in an audit workshop with the participation of the external auditor and numerous employees from both the commercial and the employee area. The status of the implementation of these measures is reported to the auditor once a year. "This is how we demonstrate that we are serious and that this family-conscious policy is actually lived," said Cordula Dressler. A new section in the staff magazine at the location provides even more information about measures and offers.

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