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Best apprentices honored

Hydro honored its best trainees in Germany again this year. As a reward, there was a trip to the Dasa working world exhibition in Dortmund.

The focus is and remains at Hydro. So honoring the best is now an integral part of the apprenticeship qualification.

The working world exhibition in Dortmund showed old machines and offered fun games, hands-on opportunities and even a cave, ergonomically designed for today's computer workers.

priority for occupational safety

Mainly it was about occupational safety, but the show was opened in 1993 as a German occupational safety exhibition (Dasa). And that's a topic that young people had already got to know intensively during their apprenticeship at Hydro - because occupational safety is an absolute priority throughout the company. The largest plant, Grevenbroich, with around 2,000 employees has not had a single reportable incident for seven months in a row.

The former students - ten trainees from Grevenbroich, two from Hamburg and a materials researcher from Research and Development in Bonn - were presented with their best certificates at a final meal.

The trainers and HR staff took this opportunity again to get feedback on where we can improve our training even further. The fruitful discussion confirmed: It is not without reason that these young people were among the best in their year!

Welcome for new trainees

The new training years have now completed their first month at the German Hydro locations. At the beginning there were three taster days in the Eifel for the 25 beginners at the Grevenbroich location.

"We take individual school leavers' fear of emerging people on their way into the world of work, develop understanding for each other and familiarize the new year with all the information they need to get off to a good start, both technically and professionally," says training manager Manfred Geißen. < / p>
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