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Work place: city park

Grevenbroich was devastated by the mighty Pentecost storm "Ela" in many places. Hydro now spent a week helping workers, equipment and the large Steiger vehicle to clean up the city's “green lung”.

Right next to Grevenbroich's "good room", the Villa Erckens with the Museum of the Lower Rhine Soul, up to 14 emergency workers simultaneously took care of eliminating dangers, removing fallen tree giants, sawing down tree parts that were torn down, and sometimes also cutting tree pruning directly and free the ways. "The city could not have done this in months alone - all the more thanks to Mayor Ursula Kwasny that the Hydro plant in Grevenbroich has provided so much energy at its own expense," says plant manager Dr. Stefan Kästner.

The Hydro teams worked in three columns with six apprentices from the training workshop including protective equipment and helmets with privacy shields, as well as three employees from the plant fire department including ladder wagons and other equipment

Also four employees of our horticultural company Meuters & amp; Eckers spent the week in hydro services at the Stadtpark clearing station - including a chopper trailer, two disposal trailers and two vehicles, as well as plenty of special equipment.

Whole working days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sometimes until 5 p.m., the helpers did with a lunch break. The balance is strong:

  • 4 trees were felled
  • All broken branches and unsafe branches are removed from the tree tops
  • Around 40 trailer loads with trunk wood and chopped leaves and branches were taken to the disposal site in Neurath
  • Areas and walkways were cleaned with leaf blowers and cleaning tools

The helpers also took care of cordoning off and securing the work areas and redirecting the sidewalks for park visitors - according to our top priority: safety comes first.

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