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Open doors for women in the Hydro plants

German industry is generally shaped by men. The hydro rolling mill in Grevenbroich has introduced several programs to increase the proportion of women in industry.

The hydro community represents a wide variety of education, experience, gender, age and cultural background. Diversity is an important resource - & nbsp; not least because it promotes innovation.

In 2014, 13.5 percent of the trainees in Grevenbroich were women. As of February 1, 2016, it will be 15.5 percent.

One of the employees, Lena Krause, completed her apprenticeship two and a half years ago, and she describes her experience as a woman in the plant only with positive words.

”Of course it is a bit unusual at the beginning to work in a male-dominated milieu, but I only have good experiences. In order to work in the industry as I do, physical strength is not as important as many believe. You need competence, knowledge and a quick grasp. Here in the factory we have everything you need to train apprentices well, ”says Lena Krause.

Hydro has created several training programs aimed at recruiting women. In March / April 2015 a new project was launched, in which 15 to 16 year old girls will accompany an employee at work for four days in order to gain an insight into various technical areas.

Vocational training in Germany is referred to as the "dual system", which means that apprenticeship in the company is a central component of the training system. In short, the trainee gains experience and knowledge through "learning by doing".

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