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Hydro’s new renewable hydrogen company aims to take a leading role as a developer, owner and operator in the hydrogen sector, enabling the switch from gas to renewable energy-based hydrogen at several of Hydro’s own sites as well as developing and serving the external market.

Replacing natural gas for heating purposes in aluminium production with carbon-free hydrogen will contribute towards Hydro’s global commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

“We need to power the world on renewable energy, and renewable hydrogen is a way to bring green energy to industries and sectors that historically have been hard to decarbonize. Hydrogen use will enable more sustainable operations in Hydro, and through the partnership with Everfuel we will also be able to supply the growing green mobility market in Europe,” says Arvid Moss, Executive Vice President for Energy in Hydro.

As communicated at Hydro’s quarterly presentation on April 27, Hydro is currently maturing 3-5 projects in Norway and Europe. Some of these projects are part of the cooperation with Everfuel.

According to the MoU signed with Everfuel on May 20, the two companies will seek to establish a framework for coordinated development, operation, and optimization of hydrogen electrolysers based on renewable energy in Europe. The companies intend to develop elecotrolysers next to Hydro-owned aluminum plants delivering hydrogen to the aluminium plants as well as to the transport sector.


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