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Since 2016, the Oslo Sauna Association has worked to make Norway’s capital an urban hotspot by implementing its vision to “bring sauna to the people.” Thanks to an innovative collaboration between the association, renowned Spanish architectural firm eStudio Herreros, and aluminium and renewable energy company Hydro, the vision has boiled down to ‘Trosten,’ a floating sauna that combines sustainable design and material use with promoting social inclusion.

“In Hydro, we strongly believe we need to collaborate to achieve a more sustainable future. That’s why we jumped onboard this project, where using greener materials was a core principle from the start. We hope Trosten's popularity and active use will inspire others to contribute to the circular economy by embracing sustainable materials in their projects,” says Hanne Simensen, Executive Vice President of Hydro Aluminium Metal.

The Trosten sauna in Oslo.

Trosten is the world's first floating sauna clad in aluminium, a material with ideal properties for an object exposed all year long to the Nordic climate. It is highly resistant to corrosion, which ensures long lasting durability in a harsh seawater environment. 

Hydro CIRCAL, used in Trosten's construction, contains a minimum 75 percent recycled post-consumer aluminium scrap, which drastically reduces the carbon footprint.

Trosten’s main attribute is its universal design, featuring access ramps and spacious interiors to accommodate people of all abilities. This makes it a long awaited addition to the highly popular Sukkerbiten sauna village, located right in front of the Munch Museum in Bjørvika, Oslo.

“Our vision is to provide saunas for everyone, regardless of ability. We have long wanted to create a sauna that is universally accessible, warm and welcoming. Collaborating with eStudio Herreros, Hydro, AF Gruppen, and others, we have achieved a truly unique concept,” says Ragna Fjeld, Secretary General of the Oslo Sauna Association.

The close collaboration between eStudio Herreros and Hydro has brought together expertise to develop the best technical and architectural solutions in support of the project’s overarching philosophy. A concrete example is the sauna’s façade profiles from anodized aluminium. Originally used in a lorry drop side system, they now highlight a successful industry collaboration to repurpose materials in innovative ways.

After the official inauguration on May 15, 2024, Trosten is open for all.


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