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  • Aluminium is a lightweight, malleable and infinitely recyclable metal that helps make cars lighter and less energy intensive, buildings more environmentally friendly, and packaging that makes food last longer and reduces the need for refrigeration.
  • It is expected that the world will need 45-65 percent more aluminium in 2025 than in 2015.
  • By using hydropower instead of coal, the pilot plant at Karmøy will save the global environment 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • The pilot has the ambition to be a benchmark regarding emissions. Direct CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced to 1.40-1.45 kg CO2 equivalents per kg aluminium, which will be best in the world.
  • Direct CO2e emissions with the new technology in the pilot will be 0.8 kg lower per kilo of aluminium than the world average. Compared to world average CO2e emissions, the pilot plant at Karmøy will produce 60,000 fewer tonnes of CO2e a year.
  • If the rest of the world produced aluminium with the technology Hydro is now rolling out, there would be energy savings equivalent to almost the entire Norwegian annual hydropower production.

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