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Hydro aiding children in Tajikistan

Hydro is funding USD 150,000 of UNICEF’s aid program in Tajikistan. The money will be spent on helping the local population, especially children and mothers, survive the extreme winter conditions with severe sub-zero temperatures.

Tajikistan is experiencing the harshest winter in many decades with temperatures averaging minus 15 degrees Celcius and dropping to as low as minus 22 degrees in the evenings.

As a result of the cold, the population in Tajikistan is suffering from a dire shortage of water, gas and electricity. This has alarmed UNICEF who are concerned about the consequences for the local population.

Disrupted supplies of water

Due to the extreme cold and the shortage of electricity, the population is experiencing disrupted supplies of water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene purposes. According to a UNICEF report, the problems are most significant in urban areas, where water systems serve large numbers of persons.

Areas of particular concern, according to UNICEF, are schools and hospitals, where the  disease can easily spread in conditions of poor sanitation, a problem arising due to the shortage of clean water. Around 60 percent of  childrens’ hospitals have no access to safe water, according to the report.

The funds will be used to implement the following urgent actions:

  • Provision of water purification tablets and water containers
  • Chlorination of municipal water reticulation systems and water tanks in schools and hospitals
  • Provision of water filters for use in schools and mass-care facilities

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