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Customized automotive roof rails and decorative trims

With an extensive network of production sites and wide selection of services, we can provide you with design support and extrusion all the way through to the final manufacturing stages for aluminium roof rails, exterior trims and decorative trims.

Aluminium roof rail and decorative trim

Aluminium as a material choice meets a range of performance and sustainability benefits when used in automotive designs, with some applications more suitable than others, such as roof rails and decorative trims. These applications, both interior and exterior, go hand in hand with the properties of aluminium.

We offer bespoke aluminium extrusion from our dedicated automotive presses, as well as an extensive list of additional services in-house, for a fully customized automotive application with full traceability.

Our European production sites are certified to ASI’s Performance and Chain of Custody Standards.

Automotive roof rail and trims by Hydro




Our network of manufacturing sites provides standard profiles and bespoke design extrusion including dedicated automotive presses.



Bending and forming.jpg

Bending and forming

Extensive capabilities including stretch bending and roll bending with  automated processes for custom 3D shapes, 2D bending and 3D bending.



CNC machining.jpg

CNC Machining

Fully automatic process on project dedicated cells with robotic arms for 3D roof rails treatment and Classical CNC processes with manual operations for 2D/3D roof rails treatment.




Manual polishing and automated robotic cells for flat bed polishing for improved surface quality on roof rails and trims with in-house tool creation and quality control.





Can deliver matt to high-gloss finishes in a variety of colors including silver and black, while improving durability and corrosion resistance.



Wet paint and powder coating.jpg

Wet paint and powder coating

Dedicated automotive production facilities for improved visual finish and better performance, with modern technology enabling choice of color.



Assembly and packaing.jpg

Assembly and packing

Dedicated assembly stations for each project including riveting, fixings and bonding with bespoke packaging solutions based on your project or component requirements.


Why choose aluminium for your automotive component:

  • It’s light: Improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions through optimized design and substantial weight reductions.
  • It’s safer: Industry-specific alloys built from research for improved strength and enhanced energy absorbption for crash performance and roll protection.
  • It looks good: Design for performance and aesthetics utilizing our capabilities for surface treatment and decorative coatings.
  • It may have been used before: We offer a range of low-carbon and recycled-content aluminium alloys to help you improve the impact of your design in terms of carbon footprint and sustainability. With no compromise in quality.

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We have turned the corner into a new transport paradigm of electric mobility. Learn how aluminum can contribute to make lighter, safer and greener electric vehicles.

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