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Financial calendar

Date Event Add to calendar
February 7 Fourth quarter 2018 results Add to calendar
March 15 Annual Report Add to calendar
April 30 Q1 2019 operational and market update

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June 5 First quarter results Add to calendar
May 7 Annual General Meeting Add to calendar
May 8 Ex dividend Add to calendar
May 16 Dividend payment Add to calendar
July 23 Second quarter results Add to calendar
September 24 Investor Day – Oslo Add to calendar
October 23 Third quarter results Add to calendar

Hydro reserves the right to revise the dates.

All presentations are public. If you want to participate, please register by sending an email to

In connection with result releases, conference calls are held, which can also be followed through the internet. Details about this will be released in connection with the quarterly result releases.

Two weeks before the announcement of quarterly results, Hydro practices a "closed period" meaning that contact with external analysts, investors and journalists is minimized. This is done to minimize the risk of information leaks and potentially unequal information in the marketplace.