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Efficient, flexible, sustainable: SunBrush© mobile convinces with universal applicability

Even when the first photovoltaic system was mounted on the roof, it was clear to Franz Ehleuter, founder and managing director of SunBrush mobil GmbH, that the PV collectors had to be kept clean with special PV cleaning equipment to guarantee consistently high yields.

With the innovative cleaning solution SunBrush® mobil, the cleaning of the photovoltaic systems in the solar park takes place conveniently in passing and ensures a longer service life of the PV system. The hydraulically operated solar cleaning is suitable for any photovoltaic system, provided unobstructed passage is possible. The SunBrush® mobil models can be installed quickly and easily on almost all vehicles such as tractors, excavators or telescopic loaders.

Unique down to the last detail

The SunBrush® mobil brushes are made of UV-resistant plastic (polyethylene) specially developed for glass cleaning. This ensures a long service life of the brushes and at the same time prevents damage to the solar modules to be cleaned. The very efficient cleaning is based on the special brush geometry in combination with the application of the washing water.

SunBrush mobil in use at the solar park

The patented WashTronic ensures automatic level compensation on uneven terrain, thus preventing damage to the module. The contact pressure between the brush and the module surface is set once and remains constant throughout the entire cleaning process. A cleaning arm that can be swiveled by up to 180° also eliminates time-consuming maneuvering and unnecessary empty runs.

Reduced installation effort and sustainable design

Sustainability plays a very important role in the solar sector. Solar park operators produce environmentally friendly electricity and would like to use this for electrically powered vehicles in the future. Therefore, the choice of products for cleaning the PV systems is also important. Aluminum is a good choice here, as it can be recycled without any loss of quality.

"We chose Hydro REDUXA as a material because it allows us to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions of our products in the manufacturing phase," explains Franz Ehleuter of SunBrush mobil.

Hydro REDUXA is aluminum with production-related low CO2 emissions, and thanks to the use of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, the CO2 footprint of the aluminum is reduced to a quarter of the values that are common in the global average.

Franz Ehleuter from SunBrush
Franz Ehleuter from SunBrush

"In terms of design, the application also meets the standards of a premium product," assures Ehleuter.

In addition to the excellent climate balance, the low weight of aluminum is also decisive. The light metal offers outstanding strength and is thus optimal for this application. In the support tube of the SunBrush® mobil models, several components could be integrated into one extruded profile. This allows the assembly effort to be minimized.

"The cooperation with Hydro was flawless," reports Ehleuter of SunBrush mobil.

Through regular technical coordination between idea generation and feasibility, an optimal result could be achieved.

SunBrush mobil for photovoltaic systems in the solar park

About SunBrush

SunBrush mobil GmbH develops, produces and sells cleaning systems for photovoltaic systems, facades and other smooth surfaces. Based in Lachen in the Allgäu region of Germany, the company performs the engineering work required to develop the systems in-house and operates an internal test center. The innovative development company supplies customers all over the world with sophisticated technology "Made in Germany".

SunBrush mobil GmbH
Am Bahnhof 14
87760 Lachen

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