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Marcus Meckel vor den Eloxalbädern

Meet Marcus: process technologist anodizing in Rackwitz

July 29, 2021

Marcus Meckel started his apprenticeship as a surface coater at the Rackwitz extrusion plant 10 years ago. He has been working as a process technologist in the anodizing plant since 2017.

In this interview, he tells about his tasks, how he ensures the quality of the profiles and what he values about the Rackwitz plant and what it makes special for him.

How long have you been employed at the Rackwitz plant? How did you start?
I started my apprenticeship as a surface coater at Hydro exactly 10 years ago. The surface treatment fascinated me from the beginning. In order to expand my knowledge, I later decided to continue training as an electroplating technician, after which I returned to Hydro. I have been working as a process technologist in the anodizing plant since 2017.

What are your tasks?
In the anodizing plant, we ensure that the aluminum profiles have a dirt-repellent and corrosion-resistant surface. As a process technologist, I am responsible for the trouble-free process from pretreatment of the profiles to post-treatment. This includes the analysis of the individual process and rinsing baths as well as the control of the fully automatic system. I also oversee our wastewater treatment. If there are disruptions in the process flow, I will help find a solution. My activities are very varied and diverse.

Marcus Meckel im Labor

What do you like about your work? What is special about the Rackwitz plant?
I appreciate the responsibility and variety that comes with my job. Due to the variety of processes and profiles, it is always important to find new solutions. In doing so, we can fall back on new standards and methods. We also have a modern anodizing system in Rackwitz, which makes work pleasant and gentle on the body. In combination with our safety policy, I feel safe at work. The value of order and cleanliness is very important here.

How do you ensure the quality? What do you pay particular attention to so that the customer is satisfied?
In order to achieve a good surface quality, everyone in our team does their part, from the optimal contacting of the employees at the attachment points to the functioning and well-maintained system technology through maintenance. For my part, I guarantee that the composition of the chemical solutions is within the target range, and these are analyzed at regular intervals. I also make sure that the process flow is stable and unhindered so that customers receive their profiles as quickly as possible.

What motivates you to work in Rackwitz?
In Rackwitz, we have a dynamic team, which motivates me. We have achieved a lot together in recent years and every employee has the opportunity to help shape improvements. I like to spend time with my colleagues and appreciate the exchange. I enjoy optimizing processes that simplify processes or reduce energy or improve work safety. In addition, I receive individual support, opportunities are shown and I can develop myself further.

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