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HSE-Manager Michael Zscheyge

Meet Michael: HSE manager in Rackwitz

July 16, 2021

Michael Zscheyge has been with the Rackwitz extrusion plant for 40 years and has been responsible for plant safety as HSE manager for around 10 years. The extrusion plant has not had to record a reportable accident for 10 years - what an achievement!

We asked Michael what is important to him on the subject of safety and what specific measures are being taken in the plant Rackwitz so that every employee leaves the plant in good health after work.

How do you bring the subject of HSE to mind in your colleagues on a daily basis?
"I often get into conversation with colleagues and you automatically come across topics and suggestions for improvement in the area of safety. This means that the subject of HSE is always present. I have set myself the task of taking the small concerns of employees into account to keep it from becoming a common, bigger problem."

10 years without a reportable accident! What do you think, how have we been able to reach that large number?
"For me, the key is the behavior of the employees. Dangers must certainly be eliminated consistently, but an employee who knows the dangers at his/her workplace and adjusts his/her behavior accordingly is also a very important factor in preventing accidents. There is potential in people and that's where you have to use the lever for safe work.

The personal attitude of the individual employees has continuously developed. There is no one who is not touched by this topic. We always strive to involve all employees and continue the process."


What specific measures have been taken in recent years to further improve security?
"On the one hand, our plant safety has been improved. On the other hand, we have an internal instruction system: monthly safety instructions are carried out in the departments of the industrial employees, in which hazards at the workplaces are shown.

In addition, the topic of HSE has been included on the agenda in discussions in the departments over the years and nowadays it is the norm to start with the topic of safety at every occasion. In addition, new employees are introduced to our safety philosophy and they are immediately involved in the safety work."

How do employees get their knowledge of HSE?
"There are various training courses that take place regularly (monthly occupational safety instructions for all production departments, department heads meet every two weeks). There are also special training courses (e.g. high-risk incidents from other plants are included in monthly reports) and training courses legal requirements (e.g. annual instruction for forklift drivers)."

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