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Questions & Answers

Would you like to financially stand on your own two feet with an apprenticeship? Whether it's a classic apprenticeship or a dual course of study - there are many paths open to you at Hydro.

You can find out where the respective apprenticeships are being trained in the description of the apprenticeship or under Jobs at Hydro, as soon as they are advertised.

This should include your application: a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, a photocopy of your last two school reports and, if available, other proof of employment, for example internship certificates, certificates from computer courses and similar. However, we do not require certificates from Bundesjugendspiele. If you have all these documents together, you can send us your application as soon as our training positions are online. This is done via our application homepage to the respective contact person of the location where you would like to start your training.

Often there are more applicants for a training occupation than there are vacancies. In order to find the right candidate (ideally you), we check all the documents to see whether your career aspirations match the training positions we offer, whether the application documents are complete and whether you meet the requirements for the respective training position at Hydro. Perhaps, we will then invite you to an aptitude test. This is an online aptitude test which you can take from the comfort of your own home. Depending on the result of the test, we will then invite you for a personal interview so that we can get to know each other better.

The requirements for training at Hydro can be found in the descriptions of the respective apprenticeships.

Read some experience reports.  

Once we have received your application documents, we will check them with regard to your career aspirations and requirements as well as whether there are any training positions still available. This may take some time. After all, we naturally want to examine every single application very carefully. However, as a rule we will write to you within four weeks and inform you about the next steps.

This is possible, but it is better if you think about which apprenticeship occupation you really like and which can be fun. Just take a look at all the information about the professions, then decide on one (you can also ask your best friend, parents or teacher for advice) and then send us your application for an apprenticeship.

If you apply in Bonn, Hamburg, Grevenbroich or Neuss, an aptitude test is part of the selection process.

We normally start the recruitment process for a training year directly after the summer holidays or from around August for the following year. The earlier you apply, the more apprenticeship positions are still available.

Hydro offers a dual course of study in IT at the Grevenbroich plant, depending on requirements.

This is possible, but not recommended. Because incomplete applications only delay the selection process. To be able to process your application, we need your complete documents. If something is actually missing, send us the missing document as soon as possible.