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Trainee reviews

This is what apprentices say to us:

Lea Dohmen: ”The introductory tour was a special highlight. There you get to know all the people with whom you are connected during your apprenticeship right at the start. This makes it easier to get started and everything becomes easier. "

Benjamin Sinanovic: ”Support, motivation and compassion. This is very important in training. “

Lea Dohmen: "In addition, Hydro allows us to take an exam preparation course before the final exam, and the company pays it."

Laura Janßen: "Friendliness - I think the working atmosphere is great, everyone greets everyone here, Renew!"

Jasmin Dahmen: ”… especially to all girls with regard to the technical professions: Dare, it's worth it! There is nothing better if you enjoy technology. ”

Benjamin Sinanovic: ">Knowing is not enough - you also have to apply. It is not enough to want - you have to do too.< A quote from Goethe, which I think is quite fitting. “

Florian Schmid: ”... at the vocational school, I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad, similar to the Erasmus program. Hydro supported this a lot in terms of the further training of their trainees. "

Antonia Withaar: "... for my additional qualification as "European Businesswoman" I had to do a 4-week internship abroad. Since we have different locations in Europe, I was able to go to one of our sales offices in London for 4 weeks. ”