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Discover infinite possibilities - all around an infinitely recyclable metal!

Your success program

We're gonna get you in shape for practice. Because in the Hydro Trainee Program we leave nothing to chance: At the beginning we discuss your individual schedule for the 15-18 months of the program. For several weeks to months at a time you will work in different departments at several Hydro locations - one of them possibly even abroad! You will be supported by our HR department and your own mentoring person.

You will benefit from our international on-boarding program, various training courses and network meetings, and get to know other Hydro beginners. Experts unite - we start early and make you quickly fit for your first challenge in your future field of work.

The "Hydro Fundamentals" - an international, multi-day introductory workshop with information on the company history, values, structure and strategy of our company - are a fixed component. You will get to know your future colleagues and the company from the ground up - the best conditions for you to soon feel really at home!

If there are any new trainee positions, they will be published in autumn. You can find out more and apply online at We start in spring or summer, together as a group, with great activities. 

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