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Hydro at the aluminum fair

Also at the "Aluminum 2010" in Essen from September 14th to 16th, Europe's leading aluminum supplier Hydro will demonstrate how we stand for sustainable growth: with more recycling, with improved products, with market-oriented expanded capacities and with strategic measures to secure an integrated international market Added value.

As a comprehensive supplier and development partner for cast metal, press bolts, profile solutions and rolled strips and sheets, Hydro wants to keep processed and used aluminum in the market and has significantly expanded recycling in the main market Germany to more than 230,000 tons of annual capacity. & nbsp;

To this end, a project was started in Norway to recycle aluminum slag from the domestic huts. At the trade fair in Essen, Hydro will explain in more detail what it is trying to do to further strengthen the functioning cycle of the metal.

Around 18,000 visitors from more than 100 countries are expected to attend the fair. It is the leading meeting point for the entire aluminum industry. Right behind the entrance in Hall 3 at Stand A 20, Hydro illustrates the company's green profile on & nbsp; 400 square meters and focuses on the life cycle of our products.

The topic: "Your next ..." - what can become of a used piece of aluminum after recycling in the next cycle: maybe part of your next purchase?

The aluminum congress has been complementing the fair for years. For the first time it is organized by the General Association of the Oil Industry (GDA).

Two speakers from Hydro will speak: & nbsp; Hartmut Janssen presents material package solutions for solder-clad & nbsp; all-aluminum systems in the & nbsp; HVAC & amp; R segment, Henk-Jan Brinkman will talk about current developments in aluminum sheet for & nbsp; vehicle construction.

In connection with the fair, the winners of the European Aluminum Award will also be presented. The competition, now held for the seventh time, again with the support of Hydro, highlights particularly efficient and groundbreaking applications of aluminum as a material.

Since 1997 Hydro has always been one of the largest exhibitors at the aluminum fair. Hydro's offer at “Aluminum 2010” includes:

  • Anodized extruded profiles withstand any weather far better and last longer, whether as structural elements in commercial vehicles or solar systems, and Hydro now offers a total of around 6.5 million square meters of profiles in its anodized plant in Rackwitz near Leipzig, which was inaugurated in June lasting quality from Germany.
  • With a further developed 6xxx alloy type, Hydro enables car manufacturers to use significantly better formable aluminum sheets for their bodies; the elongation at break in the T4 state is at least 30% in all directions (further article in the appendix).

Hydro is currently attracting great interest from solar technology companies with new rolled products: due to its particularly low surface roughness, Hydro-Substrate serves as an inexpensive base material for thin-film photovoltaic modules; for concentrated use of solar power (CSP) is HyBridAl & nbsp; highly efficient and durable because covered with a highly reflective and weather-resistant special film; HySelect is the world's first absorber tape for solar thermal collectors, whose patented, selective coating is applied using the cost-effective coil coating process.

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