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Aluminum scrap from Grevenbroich becomes art in Bonn

They should actually be rolled bars again, for the production of new films for yoghurt lids, tablet blisters or chocolate packaging. Now, however, several tons of aluminum process scrap from the Grevenbroich hydro rolling mill are first of all - art.

For Heinz Mack, one of the most important German artists since the 1960s, the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn has been showing a large exhibition of works for several days. For this he wanted to realize an installation from 1976 again: a light wall, to be seen from a mirror tunnel. He was looking for aluminum as the material; clean, pressed, stackable scrap.

"We were happy to promise to help," says Oliver Bell, who heads the Rolled Products division from Grevenbroich as Hydro's Executive Board member. A truck load with pallets full of scrap packages went to Bonn on March 1st. While the Jecken were celebrating like a fast, logisticians from Schenker stacked the desired aluminum wall, package by package. And since March 18, the clear wall has been admired.

Each press package measures 40 x 40 cm and weighs a good 18 kg, depending on the height and density of the press. Hundreds of them form the 8-meter-long, almost 3-meter-high wall in the atrium of the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.

In addition, & nbsp; Mack, who also often and often works with aluminum, shows kinetic objects, plays of light that already glittered and flickered when the disco didn't exist, as well as steles and & nbsp; early Sahara LandArt as well as pure structural pictures of the early years and recent, colored paintings.

When the Mack exhibition "Light - Space - Color" ends in July, the Grevenbroich scrap packages have completed their service in art. The aluminum packages are removed, transported back, melted down - and in the next life cycle in packaging should ensure that food and medicines have a longer shelf life. After all, in beverage cartons, for example, 900 liters of UHT milk or juice stay fresh for months without being chilled - thanks to only 1 kg of aluminum.

"For just one life in one application, our metal offers too many usage advantages and is simply too valuable," emphasizes Hydro board member Bell, "by recycling it again and again, the positive effect for our customers increases the users - and for the environment. "

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