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Hydro presents aluminum applications at the "Intersolar"

Hydro supplies customers in the three most important segments of the solar market - solar thermal, concentrating solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy use - and in all areas of solar technology. The company presents many of its aluminum products at Intersolar Europe, the world's largest trade fair for solar technology.

Hydro takes part in the trade fair for the third year in a row and has doubled the size of its booth this year. This indicates that customers are satisfied with both aluminum and Hydro as a supplier of increasingly complex applications for the solar industry.

"We face the technical challenges, for example with mirrors for concentrated solar power plants as well as with absorber sheets for solar thermal energy - and with tailor-made corrosion-resistant alloys for the solar energy market," explains Oliver Bell, Head of the Rolled Products Hydro business unit.

Hydro's solar sector can point to several “premieres” in the past year. These include:

  • the launch of HYLIFE, a tailor-made alloy for solar applications
  • the launch of HyBridAl, an aluminum strip for concentrated use of solar energy
  • the launch of the HySelect coating for solar thermal systems
  • the first orders for aluminum tubes for solar collectors from Germany and Poland

“Large or small, our customers all contribute to us improving ourselves as a supplier of materials and products for solar technology. The joint development will keep us going, ”says Hans-Joachim Kock, head of the Hydro business unit Extruded Products.

Hydro supplies customers all over the world with products for solar applications - in Europe alone, the company has customers in 20 different countries.

Gains ground

Aluminum is the material of choice in the solar market. Its advantageous properties include low weight, corrosion resistance, competitive price and efficient assembly. The light metal also has good heat and electricity conductivity, it reflects sunlight and can be fully recycled.

Hydro supplies the three most important segments of the solar energy market with & nbsp; bespoke alloys, rolled products, tubes and other extruded products.

The company can supply both prefabricated aluminum structures for assembly in concentrating solar systems (CSP) and building-integrated solar systems, which are essential for passive houses.

Hydro has supplied some of the largest solar projects in the world, including the world's first hybrid power plant that combines a CSP plant with a gas and steam turbine power plant. It was recently completed in Florida.

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