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With the help of aluminum to the top class in industry

Aluminum is particularly well suited for the production of the market-leading products from Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH - and not only because of its good material and usage properties: "As a buyer, we let ourselves be seduced by our eyes, and with aluminum I can produce attractive products," explains Ferdinand Munk, managing director and owner.

Günzburger Steigtchnik ranks among the leading suppliers of a range of products in Europe, from garden ladders to aircraft maintenance platforms.

Ferdinand Munk can build on the long tradition of the company founded by his great-grandfather 112 years ago, & nbsp; and he can be satisfied with the success of his products.

Aluminum is the material of choice. "The history of the company fills our employees with pride, as does our consistent look ahead and the constant search for new solutions. Many designs for new products are waiting to be realized in the desk drawer. Our goals include being at the forefront of special solutions and ensuring healthy, steady growth for our company, ”says Munk.

“Wood is still a popular choice for firefighters because metal absorbs heat to a greater extent. But aluminum is the most important material in terms of our entire range, ”emphasizes Munk. “In contrast to wood and plastic, it is flexible and unbreakable, which is extremely important for its application. And last but not least, it looks good too! ”

Aiming high

Leopold Munk delivered his first hand-made ladders in 1899, around the time when Ferdinand von Zeppelin went up to the sky with his first airship.

Ferdinand Munk also still supplies ladders today, but the company also manufactures tailor-made docking systems for the aircraft industry. They are driven to the sides of the aircraft and enable direct work on the wings, fuselage or tail. Maintenance and other work can be carried out comfortably and, above all, safely. This concept is also gaining importance in other areas, such as the maintenance of railways and buses and in industrial applications.

High qualitySpecial designs require special solutions, and when Günzburger Steigtchnik developed their latest design for the aviation industry - including well-known international airlines - Günzburger Steigtchnik turned to Hydro and asked for support in the development of one of the key components.

The climbing technology specialist uses around 300 different aluminum profiles in its product range, but Günzburger climbing technology asked for support for a new profile for aviation that had to meet special regulations. A non-slip surface with special properties was required. In addition, the surface had to be permeable to snow, sand or liquids, and the profile had to have specific static properties - and last but not least, it should also look good.

Günzburger Steigtchnik expects high quality, flexibility and reliability from its suppliers. Purchasing manager Reinhard Müller, who worked on the project, explains that the company prefers experts who like to face challenges and can contribute with new ideas. "We have to fit together," he emphasizes.

The technicians of the two companies managed to solve the problem together.

"All requirements could be met, and we were able to help ensure that the non-slip surface achieved top quality," says Christian Witsch, head of the pressing plants and processing at Hydro in Poland and the Czech Republic. Both plants are among the suppliers of Günzburg climbing technology.

“This is a new and important product area for Günzburg climbing technology. Our job is to help the company succeed. ”& Nbsp;

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