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Hydro sponsors metallurgy student day

The International Student Day of Metallurgy is one of the most exclusive events for young people in this industry. It took place in Freiberg this year and Hydro was a major sponsor.

The event was organized by the metallurgy students of the Technical University (TU) Freiberg from March 15th to 17th. The International Student Day of Metallurgy (ISDM) combined three days full of lectures and company presentations with a professional fair and receptions.

The first evening, the "Hydro-Welcome", took place in the impressive, more than 100-year-old former concert hall in Freiberg. Before dinner, Dr. presented Pascal Wagner, Head of BU Lithography, Automotive & amp; Heat Exchanger, Hydro at a glance of their activities - and the large selection of possible career paths for metallurgists in the company.

At the ISDM trade fair, numerous students took the opportunity to get to know Hydro better. Dr. Gottfried Bernrath, Head of Performance at the Grevenbroich plant, and Sarah Hübner, who works as a student assistant at the TU Freiberg at the Hydro plant in Hamburg, as well as HR manager Jan-Patrick Turra provided information about career paths and prospects for the rolling division and Hydro as a whole. Turra: "The response during these three days has overwhelmed us." In his view, the investment in sponsorship and presence on this student day has already paid off.

234 metallurgy students from 19 universities from 11 countries came to ISDM 2012. In the end, a statue of Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners and metallurgists, fell into the hands of metallurgy students from Kraków in Poland; they host the ISDM 2013

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