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Elementary school students experience chemistry thanks to Hydro

Headmistress Maritta Pick-Hildebrandt praised the cooperation of her elementary school St. Josef with Hydro as "extremely successful". Yesterday, she presented another chapter: chemistry experiments with the ´TuWas! ´ boxes.

Busy and cautious at the same time, the children of class 4c at the St. Josef City Catholic Elementary School in Grevenbroich go to work: with the help of vinegar, they examine whether there are any unknown substances on the table in front of them Sugar, starch, baking soda, alum or talc. This series of natural sciences was made possible as part of 'TuWaS!', A project to promote technology and natural sciences in schools - at the Municipal Catholic Elementary School St. Josef in Grevenbroich supported by Hydro.

“We want to introduce children to technical and scientific topics at an early stage. This is the only way we can get them excited about technical apprenticeships and gain them as future specialists, "explains Dr. Stefan Kästner, Hydro plant manager in Grevenbroich, explaining the commitment.

'TuWaS!' inspires enthusiasm for technology and natural sciences even in primary school. A total of six different experiment units introduce children to different scientific questions, offer material for a variety of experiments and impart the necessary knowledge. The IHK Cologne and the IHK Bonn / Rhein-Sieg support the project 'TuWaS!' In cooperation with the Free University of Berlin. Because schoolchildren who develop an interest in these subjects at primary school age are later more open to technical professions or engineering courses.

"Even if we can only determine in the long term whether the cooperation with a primary school will have an impact on the applications for our technical training occupations, it is already impressive to see how the proximity to practice awakens the children's interest in technology - which our parents also confirm, "said Manfred Geißen, training manager at Hydro.

Praise for training goat goats

Headmaster Maritta Pick-Hildebrandt thanked him especially for his very creative engagement for the schoolchildren: “For our pupils as well as for the teachers, the cooperation with Hydro is an enormous enrichment. We can not only use the 'TuWaS!' Experiment units, but also get an insight into the professional world of production in Grevenbroich. This is both experienced and exciting technology that begins in the factory and continues in various classes. "

At 'TuWaS!' To be able to offer free of charge at primary schools requires financial support from companies or other business-related sponsors - such as Hydro. Sylvia Hüls, coordinator 'TuWaS!' at the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce, therefore appreciates the special commitment of the company: “Hydro provides an example of the impressive and successful cooperation between a primary school and an industrial company. This is not just about financial support, but also about concrete content: technical and scientific topics both at school and on site at the plant. "

For the organization of 'TuWaS!' the IHK Cologne and the IHK Bonn / Rhein-Sieg are responsible. Schools can choose between laboratory crates on various topics, such as 'electrical circuits', 'chemical tests' or 'solids and liquids'. The teachers involved receive special training.

And the cooperation with the elementary school St. Josef? Hydro continues this with further actions.

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