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The mouse explains the aluminum foil

Why does aluminum foil have a matt and a glossy side? The show with the mouse told many television viewers - thanks to our help. You can still see this factual story online.

Johannes wants to keep his pizza scraps fresh in the fridge and wrap them in aluminum foil - but how is it right? The matt side inside? Or to the outside?

Every film waltz knows that it doesn't matter. & nbsp; And according to the ARD quota report, more than a million knowledge-savvy people, whether small or large, know it now - after the broadcast with the mouse last Sunday & nbsp; ; in the first (ARD) and & nbsp; in the KIKA (children's channel). & nbsp; In 6 minutes and 14 seconds it was explained how to do this with the casting, rolling and & nbsp; doubling.

For this film "Aluminum Foil", some employees from Alunorf and the Grevenbroich plant helped the Cologne film producer Matthias Wegmann. After filming, an employee from the aluminum triangle (Rheinwerk Neuss, & nbsp; Alunorf, Grevenbroich plant) also examined the film cut and its text. So a child-friendly informative piece was created.

Because so many factual stories are made with the "mouse", its "aluminum foil" film was in the waiting box for some time. So he had his first public performance somewhere else: producer Wegmann sent him to the science film festival of the Goethe Institute in Bangkok. More than 120,000 children and adolescents from several countries in South Asia saw giant bars, thick strips and finally thin foils made of liquid metal, such as at Alunorf and in Grevenbroich; matt on the outside and glossy on the inside. Or the other way around ...

Now the "aluminum foil" film is available around the clock on the Internet: on the WDR's mouse website in the long-term archive of the most interesting & "factual stories".

Oh yes, the matte side. Because mill stands cannot be built so close to each other that they can also roll foils particularly thinly, two foils are doubled, i.e. rolled together. The inner sides of the foils lying on top of each other roughen and become matt, while the outer sides keep their shine in contact with the steel rollers. That makes no important difference to the function.

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